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  1. 0Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
  2. 0The New Testament in the Original Greek
  3. 0Medieval Islamic Civilization: An Encyclopedia
  4. 0Don't Know Much About the Bible: Everything You Need to Know About the Good Book but Never Learned
  5. 0Jesus and the Ossuaries
  6. 0Christian Prophecy: The Post-Biblical Tradition
  7. 0The Existence of God
  8. 0Running with the Giants: What Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know about Life and Leadership (Audiobook)
  9. 0Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd Edition
  10. 0The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code
  11. 0The Cambridge Companion to Jesus
  12. 0The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus
  13. 0The Cambridge Companion to the Qur'an
  14. 0Forbidding Wrong in Islam: An Introduction
  15. 0Between Cross and Crescent: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Malcolm and Martin
  16. 0The Book of Customs: A Complete Handbook to the Jewish Year
  17. 0A Guide to Biblical Sites in Greece and Turkey
  18. 0Islamic Humanism
  19. 0Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--And Doesn't
  20. 0The Book of Job in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
  21. 0The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality
  22. 0Discovering Islam: Making Sense of Muslim History and Society (Revised Edition)
  23. 0Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings
  24. 0Scrolls of Love: Ruth and the Song of Songs
  25. 0Christian Philosophy A-Z
  26. 0Defending God: Biblical Responses to the Problem of Evil
  27. 0The Word of God in English: Criteria for Excellence in Bible Translation
  28. 0Translating Truth: The Case for Essentially Literal Bible Translation
  29. 0The Cambridge Companion to Martin Luther
  30. 0The Pocket Guide to the Saints
  31. 0The Pocket Guide to the Popes
  32. 0Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition
  33. 0The Lost Apostle: Searching for the Truth About Junia
  34. 0Islamic Philosophy A-Z
  35. 0Buddhist Ethics: A Very Short Introduction
  36. 0Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction
  37. 0Christian Art: A Very Short Introduction
  38. 0Science and the Trinity: The Christian Encounter with Reality
  39. 0Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present: Philosophy in the Land of Prophecy
  40. 0The Making of a Sage: A Study in Rabbinic Ethics
  41. 0The Cambridge Companion to St. Paul
  42. 0Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity
  43. 0The Messiah before Jesus: The Suffering Servant of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  44. 0Mother Teresa: A Biography
  45. 0Nuns: A History of Convent Life
  46. 0Luther's Lives: Two Contemporary Accounts of Martin Luther
  47. 0Law and Protestantism: The Legal Teachings of the Lutheran Reformation
  48. 0Oxford Bible Atlas, 4th edition
  49. 0An Introduction to Judaism
  50. 0The Art of the Sacred: An Introduction to the Aesthetics of Art and Belief
  51. 0How the Bible Became a Book: The Textualization of Ancient Israel
  52. 0Judas: The Definitive Collection of Gospels and Legends About the Infamous Apostle of Jesus
  53. 0Methodism: Empire of the Spirit
  54. 0The Episcopalians
  55. 0Rival Jerusalems: The Geography of Victorian Religion
  56. 0Natural Theology
  57. 0Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief
  58. 0Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law: Theory and Practice from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Century
  59. 0A Day Apart: How Jews, Christians, and Muslims Find Faith, Freedom, and Joy on the Sabbath
  60. 0Talking to the Other: Jewish Interfaith Dialogue with Christians and Muslims
  61. 0Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity: The Reception of Enochic Literature
  62. 0Theology in America: Christian Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War
  63. 0Islam: Its History, Teaching, and Practices
  64. 0The Formation of Islam: Religion and Society in the Near East, 600–1800
  65. 0Religions View Religions: Explorations in Pursuit of Understanding
  66. 0"East of the Jordan": Territories and Sites of the Hebrew Scriptures
  67. 0The Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
  68. 0Christ's Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism
  69. 0Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt: The Wafa Sufi Order and the Legacy of Ibn Arabi
  70. 0Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society
  71. 0Anglo-Saxon Perceptions of the Islamic World
  72. 0A Handbook of Ancient Religions
  73. 0Jewish Babylonia between Persia and Roman Palestine
  74. 0The Gnostic Gospels
  75. 0The Art And Architecture of Islamic Cairo
  76. 0Muslims in the Enlarged Europe: Religion and Society (Muslim Minorities, Vol.2)
  77. 0Passing on the Faith: Transforming Traditions for the Next Generation of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
  78. 0Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith
  79. 0Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking
  80. 0Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought
  81. 0Cosmology And Architecture In Premodern Islam: An Architectural Reading Of Mystical Ideas
  82. 0Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction
  83. 0The Upside-Down Kingdom
  84. 0The Blood and the Glory
  85. 0The 'West', Islam and Islamism: Is Ideological Islam Compatible With Liberal Democracy?
  86. 0Islam & Muslims: A Guide to Diverse Experience in a Modern World
  87. 0The Biography of Ancient Israel: National Narratives in the Bible
  88. 0Calvin and the Bible
  89. 0Calvin's Christology
  90. 0The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam
  91. 0Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization
  92. 0Beginner's Grammar of the Greek New Testament
  93. 0A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament
  94. 0The Elements of New Testament Greek
  95. 0Agape, Eros, Gender: Towards a Pauline Sexual Ethic
  96. 0In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power
  97. 0Tolerance and Coercion in Islam: Interfaith Relations in the Muslim Tradition
  98. 0Historical Atlas of the Islamic World
  99. 0Irenaeus of Lyons
  100. 0Letters to Doubting Thomas: A Case for the Existence of God


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