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The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

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The Multi Orgasmic Man Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know
HarperOne | 1st edition (May 21, 1997) | English | ISBN: 9780062513366 | 256 pages | PDF | 1.2 MB

How any man can experience multiple orgasms and dramatically enhance his sexual relationship. The Multi-Orgasmic Man offers men clear and practical guidelines for researching their real but seldom realized sexual potential:

# By learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation - two distinct physical processes - men can transform the momentary release of ejaculation into countless peaks of whole body orgasms.

# Men who experience multiple orgasms - by avoiding the fatigue and depletion that follow ejaculation - report increased vitality and longevity.

At last, simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men to fulfill their dreams and women's fantasies.

Customer Reviews

Yes it does work for anyone without any previous training, August 22, 2002

By Marty Landa (Sedona, Arizona)

My experience obviously may be different than others, but I didn't bother much with the breathing exercises or all the Taoist exercises or concepts, except maybe the visualizing of the energy flow. I simply regularly practiced becoming very aware of the whole process of excitation in my body through to just before ejaculation, and used the book's explicit advice on stopping stimulation a bit before the point of no return by pressing on the perineum area to learn to prevent ejaculation both during regular masturbation practice and when making love with my fiancé. Eventually after two months I was able to slowly but surely be able to experience more and more of the orgasmic experience without having to ejaculate and with just using contraction of my perineum muscles. I found like many have before me, that orgasm is indeed separate from ejaculation, with some short period in between. I am now able to have as many orgasms as I want to in a love making session, and my fiancé has learned to do the same. Although mine are no longer accompanied by the additional pleasure of the genital focused ejaculation spasms, except for the once every ten days that I do choose to ejaculate at the end of a session, per the book's advice, my orgasms are full body now and I am clearly aware how the pleasure is brain based, not genital based. Believe me, it's way beyond worth the effort. Sex the way I experienced it previously doesn't even rank on the same scale. It's kind of like the absurd fantasy that is presented in porno movies become real, and I'm not kidding!!! I'm a somewhat average male in most respects, although I would say I do live an alternative lifestyle. I do not have any specific previous "spiritual" or body awareness training. This book was astoundingly practical and allowed me to become a Multi-Orgasmic male in about two months of regular, although by no means particularly strenuous practice. It has revolutionized my experience of sexuality, and allowed me to leave genital focused orgasm and ejaculation goal orientation far behind, and take a quantum shift in intimacy and ecstatic pleasure for both my lover and I. She found it extremely quick (in a couple of days) and easy to learn how to not "crest over" and remain multi-orgasmic continuously without getting over-sensitized and not wanting to continue, as many women do after a full orgasm. This book can honestly change your life experience radically!!! I recommend a beginners mind here, and you will definitely be rewarded, even though there may not be an extensive amount of details in the book about the experiential progression of the practice, and even if, as the authors indicate, it may take up to six months of practice to get the hang of it. I just trusted my own experience as I went along and took what was valuable and understandable for me, and left the rest like water off a duck's back.

IT WORKS!!! TRUST ME...., January 2, 2001
By "Jim the 35 year-old software salesman" (New York, NY USA)

First off, let me say that I was raised Orthodox Jewish in a very conservative and over-protective New York other words, the LAST THING I ever would give credence to would be some mystical Eastern philosophy on how to masturbate! Jeez, I'd been doing it just fine since age 13 (nothing to do with my Bar-Mitzvah) and I didn't need anyone telling me in my late 20's that I could essentially be having "brain orgasms" as well! That was until the night in Berkeley when I picked up the book, opened my mind, pulled down my pants and went to work... I can remember my physical condition and mindset like it was yesterday. I was fatigued. I was working too hard. I had flown cross-country and was still on East Coast time. And I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I relaxed, started reading the book (had to skim the illustrations first) and started to "go to town" using the techniques described. The first orgasm was the hardest because my natural tendency was to release. I focused. Channeled the energy upwards and felt a sensation I had not really felt for all the years I had been making myself come. Bottom line is, 6 orgasms later -- the last one I released -- my mental and physical condition had completely changed. I drifted off to sleep and awoke the next morning with a sense of energy, vitality, and health I could not have imagined -- like taking a deep breath of air on a cold and sparkling winter's day. Skeptics beware -- this stuff works!!!!

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