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ACD Systems Canvas X 2017 GIS 17.0.133

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ACD Systems Canvas X 2017 GIS 17 0 133
ACD Systems Canvas X 2017 GIS 17.0.133 | 189.57 MB

Well-positioned as the ultimate resource for engineers, small business owners, and technical graphics professionals seeking to communicate with confidence, Canvas X 2017 provides a diverse, efficacy-driven design environment. This dependable software supports 64-bit operating systems and is capable of working with documents containing over 1 million objects. Catering to a wide range of professionals from graphics designers to seismologists Canvas X 2017 is fine-tuned for performance and rips through projects at lightning speed.

Whats New:
Now with optimized speed for launching, loading, and saving, Canvas X 2017 features an enriched user experience, carefully crafted for the accessibility and comfort of longtime users. With its unique and integrated design environment, Canvas X 2017 makes working with and combining graphical elements and high-end effects even more straightforward thanks to a variety of efficiency-motivated enhancements. Easily access commonly used functions for a smoother workflow, make effortless calculations, edit dynamically, and much more. Developed for achievement, convenience, and overall ease of use, Canvas X 2017 presents numerous UI improvements to allow for fluid object editing.

Blow it up
The Annotation Lens allows you to easily callout and magnify specific areas of objects. Just point and click. Articulate the way you want by specifying the lens shape, dimensions, frame color, and magnification, then drag it anywhere.

Indicative Icons
Stay on top of your process with accessible symbols and labels to let you know what mode youre in at any given time.

Work with Vector and Raster Images
Edit and delete SpriteEffects added to objects by simply right-clicking and choosing an option from the context menu.

Selection Sense
Make educated Marquee tool selections with the chosen areas dimensions clearly displayed and actively updating in the Status bar.

Mechanized Measurements
Rely on Canvas X 2017 to instantly calculate the dimensions of objects without even having to define beginning and ending points. Move or delete measurement values for clarity and aesthetics.

Shrewd Shuffling
Circumnavigate the tedium of painstakingly reordering objects one layer at a time. The Smart Shuffle buttons move selected objects above their nearest neighbors with overlapping bounding boxes, independent of the stacking order in the Document Layout palette.

Without a Shadow of a Doubt
Enjoy the effortlessness of a shadow that dynamically updates to the changes made to its object. Customize how far it appears from the object, at what angle, how blurry, and with what color.

Cross-Platform Flexibility
Canvas X 2017 allows you to work across operating systems with support for the import of Canvas Draw for Mac files.

Into Your Own Hands
Canvas X 2017 now features touch screen support for selecting, drawing, painting, and more, so you can create even on the go. Also, two-finger zooming and panning!

Agile and Able
Finish in record time! Faster and more powerful than ever before, Canvas X 2017 boasts optimized speed for launching, saving, and loading files.

System Requirements:
- Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (all 64-bit OS)?

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